COSTA + WOLF provide expertise in the following areas

+ Development Partnering

We are able to contribute to commercial developments and residential projects in several ways. If you have land available or a building that could be regenerated to increase value, contact us so we can discuss how we might support your project.

+ Site Studies and Value Creation

Our extensive experience of working in complex city centre sites, particularly in residential design, has added value for clients when considering sites, when purchasing and assessing opportunities. Our knowledge of relevant standards and policies as well as trusted architectural and urban design skills allow us to provide an expert opinion.

+ Design Champion and Mentoring

Working closely with design teams, to bring valued expertise and design experience

Design advisor to clients, pre appointing principal architect, and ongoing support alongside design teams to bring consistency and quality to projects on behalf of clients

Mentoring teams through the architectural and development process, establishing briefs and monitoring design quality

+ Construction Stage Overview and Peer reviews

Our team have worked closely with several building and construction companies, providing an overview of technical submissions and identifying opportunities for enhancing, simplifying and rationalising schemes

Ultimately these reviews provide a much valued opinion for contractors and their clients

+ Community and Social Value Engagement

We work with communities to help them contribute to their neighbourhoods

Working for developers who wish to engage with the community and acting as an independent community engagement specialist outside of the consultant team

Link to URBAN VOICES for further information on our engagement and community work

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